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    About Us

    This web-site is constructed totally to illustrate the importance for American People to be better stewards. English was not one of my strong subjects in college. Even today I may have trouble illustrating a point but I am going to make an attempt to outline ways to conserve and save a great deal of money. By conservation and doing it will be helping one another through LOVE of your country, fellow man and environment for generations to come.

    The graphs are from monitoring a 300 room hotel for ten years. All the items were either from utility bills or Energy Management Programs. Much of the time associated with this was gathering the information, observation, assembly of the graphs and other research material. I worked very closely with Mr. Sam Sansone a knowledgeable manager in hospitality industry for over 30 years. His observation and input of the progress was a very important. There were several months and years which affected the accurate measurement of reduction and savings.

    1.   Installation 2001 was not a full year to compare to the base year 2000.

    2.   May of 2001 a rolling blackout occurred which set the chiller to a default position increasing usage during the month June 2001.

    3.   We all know about September 11, 2001 which effected travel and occupancy of hotels.

    4.   2002 was still a slow year for travel and occupancy/

    5.   2003 the industry started to recover in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

    6.   2004 and 2005 recovery of travel and occupancy had returned closer to normal which gave a consistent and accurate measurement energy reduction.

    September 2005 we had a short heat storm which we were able to measure the effects of KW demand as temperature increased in hotels with sensors and without sensors. The heat storm of 2006 gave us additional data we recorded again hotels with sensors and hotels without sensors. The weather station in 2006 had problems, however we did record KW demand for hotels with sensors.

    All the pages after the last testimony are excel spread sheets for your use. This was done for you to have a more informed choice about electrical use and billing. In the next years ahead demand billing is going to increase and it was our intent to get you prepared for the shift.  Anything that is controlled by a thermostat can put money in your bank account with right choices. 

    This site is information only and we are not trying to sell any product. We can help you make an informed choice by contacting us and will do the best to give you truthful information to the best of our knowledge. Truth is of great importance to us and without it you have nothing of value. 

    Energy conservation is of extreme importance please help!!!!! Sign up and do your part. Use the excel pages to help you make an informed decision. Change any item on the excel spread sheet that has a  yellow background and insert your data and the calculation will be done  for you. It will give you an approximate of  how much you can save. 


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